اللهم صلي على محمد وال محمد وعجل فرجهم

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Respected Members Assalamoalikum,

On behalf of MWA Youth, we invite you to Summer 2017-18 Holidays Readers Challenge

This initiative is taken by MWA Youth group to Support the community, particularly our youths, in – establishing the habit of reading good books and providing them with a healthy forum to exchange thoughts. Thus, enabling them to learn themselves as they grow and nurture a tolerant mind with a broad viewpoint. And By launching the book readers club having a long-term vision and organising regular events and activities.

 Only one easy step that we request you to follow.

  Online Registration

 Please ensure that all participants are registered  by visiting the following link –

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 Purpose of MWA Youth Group is to provide a platform for MWA Momineen to work together and to remove misconceptions against Islam in western society. And, it is not possible without MWA community assistance. Therefore, we hope to see you all standing with us for this important cause and pray that may Allah s.w.t accept our deeds in the name of Muhammad o AAlee Muhammad (A.S).

 For any further clarification please contact: