اللهم صلي على محمد وال محمد وعجل فرجهم

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Assalam O Alaykum Brothers and Sisters

Monday, 24 July 2017 we will be celebrating the Melad e Wiladat e Hazrat Abu Talib A.S & Wiladat e Hazrat Maasooma e Qum S.A Program start with  Namaz’e Maghribain at 7:00 PM lead by Maulana Shoaib Naqvi followed by recitation of Manqabats and Qasseda and speech by Janab Maulana Shoaib Naqvi.

Please contact Janab Maulana Shoaib Naqvi 0469 297 228 for recitation.

Thursday Night

Program start with late Namaz’e Maghribain at 7:00 followed by Dua’a Kumayl and short Lecture in English for youth and then regular Urdu short Lecture (10 to 15 min) extracted from Nahjul Balagha’a

Friday Night

Program start with late Namaz’e Maghribain at 7:00 PM followed by lecture by Maulana Shoaib Naqvi “Devine values “.

Note: All programs that fall in week days will start with late Namaz e maghribain at 7:0 PM.

MWA Messenger

Download our mobile App, available on Google Play and Apple Store.

The application name is “MWA Messenger”.
You will also require a one-time security passcode which is “mwa72”.

Request for security reasons and council’s need:

·         Please do not park cars on driveways of neighbours.
·         We request everyone to leave the premises immediately after the program.
·         Please do not talk loudly while leaving.
·         Please do not stand outside.

Yours sincerely,

Syed Najeeb Ul Hassan
Secretary MWA Inc