اللهم صلي على محمد وال محمد وعجل فرجهم



Respected Community Members.


Like a good article first few line count the most and gets the most attention of the viewers so this time I rearranged the layout of my communication to realign our mutual understanding and expectations.  Happy to report back that your elected committee is working very hard to minimize bank loans to its minimum.  There are many options under discussion right now to find best way possible to secure funds needed to complete

Hussain (AS) Ka Ghur

Our hopes are high as we always believe in our community strength and devotion toward our imams and imambargah.  So in coming days we will approach each and every one via phone or face to face to discuss their views and best way forward.  I am sure together we can achieve best results we all looking forward too.

Little for lots campaign continues:

Respected brother and sisters, opportunity to exchange our little contributions for never ending swab continues. Once again we encourage everyone to give generously for the bright future of our current and coming generations. This is life time opportunities so don’t miss out. Many thanks again for those already contributing.  Rest please join this Swab Jaria and schedule a regular donation to

MWA Building account no: 10242515   BSB No: 062471 Bank: CBA

and be proud of your achievement so far.

Project updates:

Despite the heat wave in February steel engineers were able to complete steel work for the first floor lentil on time.  As per plan on a wet morning on 8th of March at 6 AM work started and within few hours around 100 cubic meter concrete was poured. We revisited the site in couple of days and were very happy to see end result of one month hard work team put together to achieve this milestone.

New brick were delivered for second level walls but due to heavy rain in last two weeks brick work is still in progress.  Hopefully in coming week or so building should be ready for roofing.

Special thanks for M Ali team, construction committee and Hafeez Sahab for working hard and completing this milestone on time. See progress photos

Total expenses from Jan till March 2017 = $259K.  Expenses forecast in April and May is around $300K.

Volunteer Recognition Award:

Really hot and rainy weathers tested our volunteer’s devotion once again. During steel work for first level lentil in very hot then during concreting in very wet weather we saw one person consistently working very hard with our project manager. This young man is very quiet but very determined to do his best for the imambargah project.

It’s my pleasure to announce that Hasan Abbas Shariff  got the crown to become Star Volunteer of the month for Feb 2017.  Congratulations Hasan Abbas and thank you for your continued support.



Stay tuned everyone for more updates to come in coming months.

Once again thank you for your continued support and guidance.

Moula App Sub Ko Khush Rakhay.


Abuzar Zaidi

President MWA