اللهم صلي على محمد وال محمد وعجل فرجهم


Respected Community Members. 


It’s been one year since we started vertical construction at Kemps Creek. No doubt construction is a big learning curve for the whole team.  Every step of the construction is challenging but with God help, Imam’s blessings, community support and project team determination we are getting through these challenges smoothly.  Alhamdolillah we have managed to complete ShedOn Site Detention tank and Elevator in December which were three major miles stones for the project.  Drive way, Strom Water and parking work also started in parts due to the huge area to be covered.  Octagon roof is still the most difficult part due to its design and load balance. Alhamdolillah 60% of the main structure of the Octagon roof is up now.  Inshallah we are aiming to finish these two tasks by end of Jan 2018.  Verandah roof is also in final stages of completion.

Building funds:

Cash flow remains the main speed breaker in every stage of the construction.  Karze Hasna from blessed community members really made difference in keeping the cash flow smooth so far. Once again on behalf of my team and my community many thanks for those who loan us on a very short notice. Now with delay in settlement till 31st of Jan 2018 from the buyer have already impacting and slowing down the progress on some of the major tasks with high price tags.  We are doing our level best to complete those tasks best way possible.  Once again I erg everyone to invest for their eternity and contribute as much as possible for your Imam Bargah.  With your support your team have come this far and I am certain that with your continued support we will finish this project in very near future.

Multipurpose Shed:

With shed completion now I can see how useful it will be for our community.  I see our youth playing indoor football, basketball, badminton, table tennis and many more indoor games.  For sure this facility will keep our youth active for good and helped them engaged with their imambargah more often.

Project Update Photos.


Though regular updates were shared via face book, MWA web site and other social media but I would like to share very recent photos of your project with you.  Enjoy and be proud of yourself.