اللهم صلي على محمد وال محمد وعجل فرجهم

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Respected Community Members. 


First of all on behalf of my team I would like to say EID Mubarak to you all and hope these happy occasions will bring countless happiness in every one’s life. I mentioned in my previous communications that I have put the first brick photo on my computer desk top for consistent reminder to myself that we need to complete this project which we started with full community support.  I still remember the day, the deep feelings and the tear in our eyes when we put the first stepping stone to start vertical construction.  Our feeling got stronger as time pass by and we got deeper in to the project.  There is no doubt in our minds that success of this project goes to strong commitments from my teams, to my community, to every one of you.  Keeping these feeling in mind I wanted to start this month communication by saying,

Please be proud of your love for our Imams, be proud of your community, be proud of your commitments to our Imams House

Your Imam Bargah


Pease Be Proud Of Yourself

You All Deserve It.

Kemps Creek Community Visit:

After discussing with council we have organized EID-Ul-Adha community visit tomorrow on Sunday 3rd of September 2017 at your new Imam Bargah, 81-89 Clifton Ave, Kemps Creek to give you all opportunity to feel and see your new Imam Bargah. I am sure you all will be very happy and proud of your commitments with this project. For public safety there will be guided group tours lead by EC and Moulana to the building for everyone to see inside your new Imam Bargah facility. Please bring your kids with you so they can start their emotional attachment to their Imam Bargah.  I encourage every to send me your feedback about the new Imam Bargah after tomorrow’s visit which will help us realign our future needs. Hope to see you all there.

Project updates:

Your project is now in its third phase with lots of focus on interior and external works. This phase is extremely labor and finance intensive. Some of the major high cost tasks are now being carried out. In last one month there were some major activities like

·         Roof on ladies hall 4, 5 and 6 is now complete.

·         External rending is now complete.

·         Carpet order to a supplier in Iran is complete. Carpet will be on its way to Sydney in coming days.

·         Onsite Detention Tank preparation work now complete and concrete work is now starting.

·         Drive way and parking preparation work already started.  This is the most expensive item in coming days.

·         Air-conditioning and fresh air units order is now awarded and work is going to start soon.

·         Internal rendering work is now awarded to most suitable contractor and work is starting next week.

·         Octagon roof fabrication has started.

·         Bathrooms plumbing already started.

·         Tile colors and type are already finalized.  Installation will start soon.

·         Audio and Video roughing is being carried out these days.

·         Lift shaft work is complete and installation will start soon.

So brothers and sisters there is so much going on your project which need your continue support and financial assistance.  So please do not hold back, contribute regularly.  These donations are your sadiqa Jaria for now and in eternity.

Project financials:

Project photos:

Once again thank you for your continued support and guidance..

Moula App Sub Ko Khush Rakhay.


Abuzar Zaidi

President MWA

Respected Community Members,


Managements of MWA and Imam Hasan Centre are delighted to report to our communities that the outcome of our fund-raising lunch has exceeded all our expectations.  Our members participated in the fund raising very passionately and collectively raised approximately over $200,000.00.  It was a wonderful day in all respect, great weather, excellent turn up, exciting manqabat recitation, heart-warming poetry by our chief guest Janab Naseer Turabi Sahib and, finally, an impressive lunch with huge variety of delicious food.

We feel very proud to be a part of such vibrant and committed communities and thank, from the bottom of our hearts, to every and each community member who participated in this very successful fund raiser.  You have helped in taking a huge step towards reaching our goal of completing MWA’s new Imam Bargah.  We could not have asked for a better community to serve. 

Please remember that when we serve our Imams, we are actually serving ourselves indirectly for our Akhirat.

Once again, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all participating Members for their donations and kind words in the support of this project.


Athar Zaidi

EC Member MWA

Respected Community Members.


Despite the heat wave in last couple of week’s project team’s dedication stayed strong and focused. In last two weeks we had four very important meetings to review project financials and important millstones.

Very happy to report back that by the grace of God and Chaharda Masoomeen, your new Imambargah project is on track and sailing smoothly towards its completion before Moharram.

Alhamdolillah now we have completed core tasks for the second construction phase.  Formwork for the first level (ladies hall) is now complete. Lentil is schedule to be complete on or before 10th of March.  Many thanks to Brother Mohammad Ali team and project manager Hafeez sahib.

Project teams are very well aware of the cost and doing their best to save where ever any opportunity. After long discussions on cost comparison without compromising on quality of the material and workmanship, internal plumbing contract is now awarded to the most suitable contractor. For electrical work which is a major cost so we have decided to go with labor only model where project team will facilitate procurement of all electrical fittings and other material to save cost. Expected saving will go beyond 50K.

Weldon to the teams especially Athar Bhaie and Aftab Bhaie for leading on these two big cost saving opportunities.

Project Expenses Summary: For visibility of the expenses here is summery for the last one year. Other major expenses of around $500K are aligned for next three months which I will share in my upcoming reports. Thank you Romi for an excellent report.


Little for lots:

Respected Community Members we all have an opportunity to exchange our little contributions for lots during our lives and beyond.  Every dollar counts in projects like your new imambargah project. So I and my team encourage everyone to give generously for the bright future of our current and coming generations. Many thanks for those already contributing.  For rest please join this noble cause and schedule a regular donation as per your affordability to

MWA Building account number: 10242515   BSB Number: 061471 Bank: Commonwealth Bank.

I am sure you will feel good and proud on your support for your imambargah.

Volunteer Recognition Award:

As per announcement in my last communication, race is on to become Star Volunteer of the month. Very healthy competition where team members are supporting and advising each other on their assign tasks for the best possible outcome. To pick one person among all good is very difficult task for the leadership team. But with little difference there has to be one so.

It’s my pleasure to announce that Zain Shariff  got the crown to become Star Volunteer of the month for Jan 2017.  Zain Bhaie approachable personality and his construction skill set makes him core contributor in this project.  Congratulations Zain Bhaie and thank you for your continued support.

Stay tuned everyone for more updates to come in coming months.

Once again thank you for your continued support and guidance.

Moula App Sub Ko Khush Rakhay.


Abuzar Zaidi

President MWA

Respected Community Members.


Happy to report back that by the grace of God and Chaharda Masoomeens, your new Imam bargah project is cruising in fast pace towards its completion before Moharram Inshaallah. Your chosen team and our dedicated team of volunteers are working very hard to achieve every millstone within its scheduled completion dates.

We all know that the Christmas and new year holiday season in Australia is something we call shutdown period where finding a trade person to do some work is next to impossible but we believe in where there’s a will there’s a way.  Thanks to the dedication of our teams for being available for countless meetings and teleconferences to make important decisions then complemented by intelligent planning from our project manager, project work didn’t stop for even a single day. Well-done every one.

Alhamdolillah we have completed the first phase of bricklaying. Now teams are busy working on finalizing the formwork, steel and concrete work for first floor lintel (Ladies hall), bath room plumbing, trusses and roofing, elevator (lift) for the first floor, electrical and audio & video wiring, earth work and many more tasks.



Volunteer Recognition Award:

Volunteers are back bone of this project. In last project team meeting we initiated Star Volunteer of the month award for the volunteer who stands out in their efforts to complete their assigned responsibilities.

It’s my pleasure to announce that Taha Jamil emerged as our first Star Volunteer of the month for December 2016.  Taha’s construction skill set and his can-do attitude always makes him go to person for advice to make difficult decisions.

Congratulations Taha and thank you for your continued support.

Stay tuned everyone for upcoming progress updates. I will do my best to keep you informed of every step of the project.

Once again thank you for your continued support and guidance.

Moula App Sub Ko Khush Rakhay.



Abuzar Zaidi

President MWA

Respected Community Members,


With the Grace of Allah and 14 Masomeen, I humbly report that the brickwork will commence at our new Imambargah very soon. The first step towards this construction phase is starting today (Friday 24 June 2016) as the first batch of 16,000 bricks is being delivered at the site. The start of the brickwork was very encouraging as the first lot of the bricks has already been sponsored by 2 generous donors.

I congratulate the whole Community on this great news and our achievements so far. Insha Allah, soon we will be one step closer to our ultimate goal of having an Imambargah that matches our dedication to our Imam A.S.

According to quantity surveyor’s estimate, we will be using 120,000 bricks during the construction of our main building. The cost estimate for brickwork is about $360,000.00 and then another $240,000.00 for exterior and interior finishing of the walls.

This is another opportunity for all of us to donate towards a SAWAB-E- JAREAH for ourselves, our family members and especially our Marhumeen. So we will request you to support our BUY-A-BRICK fund raiser to complete the brickwork of your new Imambargah. We have calculated an amount of $5.00 per brick and will be requesting our Members for buying a block of 100 bricks for $500.00. Please buy as many block as you can afford so collectively we can achieve this target.

Looking at the recent history of Community’s passion and financial support for the project, I am very confident that our Community will meet all future challenges with the same commitment and Insha Allah, the project will steadily move towards its completion.

I would like to inform you that we have organised a brief Community visit to the Imambargah site at 2pm on Sunday 26 June 2016 and would like to invite all Community Members to see the commencement of the next important phase of the construction. Our guest Aalim Janab Allama Razi Jafar will also grace this occasion with his presence.

We hope to see you all at the site of new Imambargah,  Lot 2, 81-89 Clifton Avenue, Kemps Creek Sunday, on 26 June 2016 at 2 pm.

I would like to thank the whole Community for their commitment, perseverance and patience during the construction of our new Imambargah. Insha Allah, the destination is well in sight and as we move closer we feel more and more confident that we can meet the challenges ahead and achieve our goal.

Please always include the successful completion of your new Imambargah in your prayers.


Athar Zaidi

President MWA

Assalam O Alaykum Brothers and Sisters,

MWA new Imambargah project updated is attached.


Download (PDF, Unknown)

MWA Project Update.pdf_page_1MWA Project Update.pdf_page_2

Dear Community Members,


We are very pleased and excited to advise that, after great achievement of getting the development application (DA) approval for the new Imambargah, with the grace of God and blessings of our Chaharda Masoomeen (A.S.), MWA community members have, again, done a marvelous job of collection of funds during the last few months including Moharram this year. Because of which we have paid another $150,000 in to our loan account leaving the remaining balance to $350,000. In summary, Alhamdolilah, in a very short period of 18 months (settlement of the land took place on 14 June 2013), Community has paid an amount of $760,997.98 for this project as per following detail:

Total cost of the project as of today (incl. land cost, duties, DA preparation and other costs): $1,110,977.98
Amount paid by the community (as of today): $760,977.98*
remaining loan amount: $350,000.00*

Please note this amount has been paid in addition to regular Imambargah expenses. We also humbly submit that this amount is more than double of our conservative estimates. This can only happen with the blessing of Imam and Charda Masoomeen (A.S.). This only strengthens our faith that we have our Imam’s ‘ghaibi madad’ with us and success is our fate, IA.

In addition, this could have never been achieved without the fullest support of the community and the confidence you have shown on this Executive Committee. We assure you that we shall try everything in our powers to complete this project successfully, in an economical and timely manner, using transparent processes. We shall provide regular updates as we progress and hit a major milestone.
Upcoming milestone is to obtain a Construction Certificate (CC). To achieve this, we need to hire an Engineer firm which will produce engineering drawings and relevant documentation as per the conditions in the DA approval report and will be submitted to the Penrith Council for approval. Luckily, this process is not as painful as the first one, as far as Penrith Council is concerned. We are in a process of shortlisting the companies and obtaining quotes and will keep you
abreast of the progress.

The process of finalising the CC may take close to 3 months and after that we shall be in a position to issue the tender for construction work. I am sure like us (EC) you are also anxiously waiting for the ground breaking ceremony. InshAllah, it is not far when we shall be performing this task in the Niyabat of our Imam-e-Zamana (A.S.).

No project update is complete without the information about costs. We have already advised you about the cost of land and remaining loan amount in the above section. Re: construction cost: you would appreciate that at this stage of the project, we do not want to give you estimates. Estimates and feasibility discussions were done very extensively two years ago and after that careful analysis we decided to go ahead with this project. Now, we shall be getting the proper
quotes from the builders which can only be done after completing the CC phase. Engineering drawings and DA conditions are required to accurately determine the cost of the construction. We shall advise you the actual cost of construction as soon as we are able to.

Now we are in the phase where we require a lots of funds, therefore, we strongly urge you to continue your generous support and also remember the success of this project in your prayers.

You are always welcome to contact us at any time if you have any questions or suggestions in this regard.

Yours sincerely

MWA Executive Committee


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